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Hattiesburg & Laurel Entrepreneurs: Come to church with me.

You’ve heard it before. Networking is the key to success! What does that even mean?

Another event full of people who are much less interested in what you have to say than in how fast they can get a business card into your hand?

Silvia Selman of The Starupist reminds us that “connections come as a results of other connections,” but the quality of those connections and their lifetime value is hard to quantify.

The inability to determine the usefulness of such a time-consuming, introvert-bashing practice is enough to tempt you to rush to Google Analytics to seek solace in the predictable (and quantifiable) ebb and flow of pageviews and visitor stats.

But web stats can only provide comfort for so long, and blog posts and their tweety counterparts can only answer so much.

We need something more – something tangible, personal and inspiring to keep us moving through this treacherous landscape of solo entrepreneurship.


5 Steps to Festival Marketing Success

When you are planning a large local event, it’s easy to get caught up in reactionary marketing tactics and a “we’ve always done it this way” mentality. Sure, you’ve got your tried and true press releases and a few scattered Facebook posts, but the time has come to refocus your energies on the strategies and […]

4 words that could change everything

Recently I was driving all innocently to who knows where. (I’m a spontaneous road-tripper and I usually have no idea where I’m going and that’s the point. My kindred spirits know what I’m saying.)

So here I am driving all internet-marketing nerd down the highway when I notice 4 words on the back of an 18-wheeler.

Attention marketing is dead. (And what to do instead)

Imagine you’re standing in a crowd. There’s a man on stage. He turns to the crowd and waves.

Now this isn’t just any wave. He’s jumping up and down. Holy cow, just look at him! He’s grinning so hard it seems his face will stick that way.

This guy really knows how to wave!

But is he waving at you? Or someone else?