4 words that could change everything

Recently I was driving innocently to who knows where. (I’m a spontaneous road-tripper and I usually have no idea where I’m going and that’s the point. My kindred spirits know what I’m saying.)

So here I am driving all internet-marketing nerd down the highway when I notice 4 words on the back of an 18-wheeler.

Lease. Train. Drive. Team.


This means nothing to me.

For me, these words don’t really mean all that much. But that’s the point, right?

I’ve never been a truck driver and have no desire to ever put my tiny butt behind a wheel of something that massive. No thanks.

But these words mean EVERYTHING to the right people. To the type of people who share the priorities of this company who is trying to reach them. They see the world in the same way. They are motivated by the same things.

To the right people, these words spell opportunity. An opportunity to work for a company that understands them.

It’s a GOOD THING that I didn’t understand.

They aren’t talking to everyone; they aren’t even talking to ALL truck drivers. They’re talking directly and distinctly to the small group of folks who matter to them.

And that’s exactly the point. They’re accomplishing exactly what they set out to, and nothing else.

What an amazing feeling that must be, right. To actually EXCLUDE those that aren’t right for you. To not feel like you have to reach everybody.

And all because you know YOUR people. Their priorities and motivators. That’s all it takes.

If you know how your people see the world, if you know what is most important to them and what motivates them to make a decision, then you can talk to just them and no one else. You can connect with them just by being truly authentic.

Knowing your people gives you everything you need to know to not only reach them but to shape every aspect of your business. Knowing your people changes everything. Tweet This

What if you only had 4 words to reach your people? What would they be?

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